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Since establishment AHL Al Khaleej Co. Engineering Company has become one of the leading engineering companies in Kuwait, addressing the ever changing services that draw the strength of (AHL.) Our business encompasses diverse field such as Civil, Construction, Mechanical,  Instrumentation and refinery Maintenance in both public & private sectors in Kuwait.

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We are proud of AHL Engineering in having highly motivated staff through which we provide first Class service to our Clients which is safe, reliable and of highest quality assistance, thereby achieving a high level of customer satisfaction, supporting the environmental preservation, while executing the high quality projects and handing over within the allotted contract time.

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AHL ENGINEERING Co.’s passion for excellence guarantees the mark of quality on every service we offer to our Client’s and our growth and profitability are maintained through innovation, technical enhancement and adaptability to our Client’s need. Our Philosophy is based on the Principles of Commitment, Loyalty, Integrity, Excellence.


A fully fledged Machine Shop with technical accreditation and various licenses covering Spec 7-1, 5CT, 6A, 16A & 16C…


Fabrication yard with ASME certification–U, PP and NB-R focusing on the design and fabrication of pressure vessels, water and fuel tanks and other structural design.


Drill Pipes and HW’s – GMAW (automatic) with Castolin OTW 13CF filler material.


High pressure test unit of data logging system with test capability up to 30000 psi.

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“Embracing new horizons, we welcome exciting opportunities. Open for collaboration and innovation, let’s create success together.”

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We Are Are Leader In Industrial Market

As an industrial market leader, our unwavering commitment to innovation and quality has propelled us to the forefront, setting the benchmark for excellence in the industry. With a proven track record, we continuously strive to redefine standards and drive transformative advancements.

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Ensuring rigorous quality control measures, we uphold the highest standards to deliver products and services that exceed expectations

Smart Technology

Our high-tech technology represents the pinnacle of innovation, driving cutting-edge solutions to meet the demands of a dynamic and evolving landscape.

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We collaborate seamlessly, leveraging diverse expertise and agile methodologies to deliver high-impact solutions that exceed expectations.




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Featured Projects

Featured Projects showcase innovation and excellence, representing the pinnacle of creative endeavors in various fields. These curated highlights embody cutting-edge solutions, pushing boundaries and inspiring future developments.

8 Ton Over Head Crane

8 Ton Over Head Crane

Pickup Rollover Bar

Pickup Rollover Bar

Mud Plant

Mud Dock